Extra!  Extra!  Here is a comprehensive list of news articles about 5MadMovieMakers videos.

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Marble Beach: Right This Minute 

Hot Wheels Roller Coaster: Right This Minute

Hot Wheels Decalooper: Kottke, Laughing Squid, Boing Boing, Wimp, Digg, Yahoo!, Reddit, Nerdist

Magic Hot Wheels Illusions: Right This Minute

Hot Wheels Water Ride: Digg, Uncrate

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Dinosaur Defense: /r/CatapultMemes

Hot Wheels High Jump: The Awesomer

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Hot Wheels Boosted: Driving Canada, Reddit, Twisted Sifter, Video Sift, eBaum’s World

Hot Wheels Beach Coaster: Lily Topples the World, Mr. Nolan’s online class

Hot Wheels Xylophone: Technabob, Un Poco De Todo, Reddit, Gigazine, The Awesomer, Muse Score, CutesyPooh, Uncrate, Neotorama, Geekologie, Digg, Technabob, Kottke, Jalopnik, Right This Minute, Laughing Squid, Cynical-C Blog, Boing Boing, eBaum’s World, RushBFast

Huge Lego Roller Coaster: Right This Minute, Un Poco De Todo

Diesel Train Stunts: Wimp, Reddit, Digg, A Work Station, Mashable, KS95, The Poke, Neatorama, Z94, Hans Wurst, Right This MinuteThe Kids Should See This, Un Poco De Todo, Boing Boing, TV is Cool, Koreus, /r/videos, Model Railroad Forums, Choo Choo Drift

The Lemonade Machine: Right This Minute, KSL, Boing Boing, Hackaday

Train to Atlantis: Right This Minute, The Awesomer

Hot Wheels Inversions: The Awesomer

RC Rally Lap: Right This Minute

Magnificent Marble Run: Irish Independent

Hot Wheels in the Garden: Mashable, Pedestrian, Gizmodo, Highsnobiety, TechSpot, Fatherly, Thrillist, IOL, Motor 1, AutoPlus, El Comercio, Soy 502, cnBeta, Hajdú Online, Autoforum, Right This Minute, SimpleMost, Gigazine, Wimp, Part Solutions, Toy Smack

Thomas Train Stunts: USA Today For The Win, SB Nation, Fatherly, Mashable, Twisted Sifter, Digg, Laughing Squid, Heute, Daily Dot, The Big Lead, Wimp, Civilized, Daily Dose of Internet, Reddit, The Poke, Daily Mail, Evening Standard, WAAF, Right This Minute, Indy 100, Uncrate, Geekologie, Jalopnik, Crave, Belfast Telegraph, IT Media, Server Daten, The Kids Should See This, 89.7 The Bay, Irish News, Soundbooks, The Awesomer, Nerdist, Gizmodo Australia, Deadspin, The Interrobang, BBC Have I Got A Bit More News For You (Season 54 Episode 9, minute 18), Core77, LobsterRaid, Gigazine, Know Your Meme, Wikipedia, Kottke, Bilibili

Ride on a Paper Airplane: Right This Minute

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Lego Sand Roller Coaster: Laughing Squid, Fatherly, Mashable, CNN, Thrillist, Vice Creators, Hawaii News Now, Interesting Engineering, Geekologie, Technabob, Geyser of Awesome, Twisted Sifter, Reddit, Outer Banks Voice, Gigazine

Why a Perfect Circle is not a Perfect Loop: Interesting Engineering, Blumfield Elementary

Hot Wheels Stunt Race: Gizmodo, Unilad, Alt Driver, AutoBlog

Hot Wheels Nightmare: Gizmodo, Popular Mechanics, Autoblog, Laughing Squid, Geekologie, Tastefully Offensive, Fox Sports

Sled Ride: Right This Minute

Rain Gutter Log Flume: Popular Mechanics 

Hot Wheels Stairs Track: Road and Track

Hot Wheels Stunts: Business Insider, Wizzle, Nerd Stalker, Recombu, Pocket Lint, Fox Sports, RC Car Action, 9GAG, KTAR, Boing Boing, TechSpot, Mike Shouts, Geekologie, India Times, Shock Mansion, Alice 97.3, Diariomotor, Daily Mail, Popular Mechanics, Made Man, NESN Fuel, Gizmodo Australia, The Daily Dot, Nerdist, Laughing Squid, Road and Track, Digg, Sploid, eBaum’s World, Daily Dose of Internet

Hot Wheels Road Trip: Autoweek, Popular Mechanics, Road and Track, CNET, Geekologie, CNN Student News, Top Speed, KWQC, Gigazine, Autonet, Speed Society, The Awesomer, Wired Italy, Right This Minute, Fox Sports, Car Scoops, Crave Online, Driving UK, A.V. Club, Top Gear, Hot Rod, Uproxx, Boing Boing, Car and Driver, Twisted Sifter, 9GAG, The Kid Should See This, GQ Magazine France, Digg, Huffington Post, Highsnobiety, Car Throttle, Sploid, PetaPixel, Mashable, Laughing Squid, Reddit, Mr Johnson’s Grade 3 Classroom Blog, Fox 32 Chicago, Wimp, Fox 6 Milwaukee

Hot Wheels Beach Track: Laughing Squid, The Nostalgia Blog, Speed Society, Cheezburger, Geekologie, Popular Mechanics, Life Buzz, The Weather Channel, Pradesh18, The Daily Dot, India Today, Mashable, A.V. Club, Dumpert

Huge Marble Run: Right This Minute

The Ultimate Mario Kart Race: Ozzy Man Reviews

Thomas vs. Iron Man: Lego Film Wikia

Other:  A fan-made 3D-printed Hot Wheels chassis, channel write-up from Toy Tales, my story structure chart on Mythic Scribes, a Canadian TV show I was in, photographer Walter Wick mentions 5MMM in a blog post, and school press about volunteering to teach film in Lynwood.  Here’s my TEDxBeacon Street speaker profile.  5MadMovieMakers was ranked #11 Roller Coaster YouTube Channel in 2018 by FeedSpot.  Here is a playlist of my interviews available on YouTube and here is an episode of Salty Podcast I appeared in.  Rated one of “5 YouTube Channels To Watch When You Have Nothing Else To Do” by The Fresh Toast and one of “7 YouTube channels to watch when you need to kill some time” by Mashable SE Asia.  Listen to a full album of music written by EmCee for 5MadMovieMakers.  Driving Canada published a nice interview in January 2020.